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Caring for Separated & Trafficked Children

Many separated refugee children may have been trafficked or had traumatic experiences en route to the UK or in their home countries, and it’s vital that practitioners are able to respond to the needs of these children.

With the support of the Department for Education, the Refugee Council and ECPAT UK are offering face-to-face training for Local Authority Foster Carers and Support Workers in accommodation placements on the care of separated children seeking asylum and child victims of trafficking.

The interactive course, delivered by experts with experience of working with separated children, will enable those working with unaccompanied and trafficked children:

  • To better understand and recognise the signs and risks of exploitation, including trafficking and radicalisation

  • To explore how to build trust in order to prevent them from running away from a safe placement

  • To understand and respond to the particular needs and vulnerabilities of this group of children
  • to understand when and how to refer children to the right agencies, or to support them to access the right help

Details and Fees

All courses run 09:30-14:30 and include refreshments and a light sandwich lunch.  Places on the course are funded by the Department for Education for Foster Carers and Support Workers only.  Late cancellations may incur a penalty fee charged to your Local Authority.

Booking your place:

Limited places are allocated to each Local Authority, so please register below, and we’ll confirm whether we can offer you a place in your area.

We’re hosting several training days at Refugee Council offices for those in the London and South East regions:

  1. Stratford – 28th February
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  1. Worthing- 26th February
  2. Bedford – 4 March
  3. Chelmsford –  05 March
  4. Peterborough + Cambridgeshire – 07th March
  5. Liverpool – 7th March
  6. Manchester – 08th March
  7. Suffolk – 11th March
  8. Liverpool – 12th March
  9. Lancashire – 15th March
  10. Leeds – 19th March
  11. Thurrock – 22nd March
  12. Herefordshire – 25th March
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Cancellations, please give at least 48hrs notice (working days) so that we can offer your place to someone on the waiting list.  Unless in case of medical or care emergency, giving less than 48 hours notice will forfeit your right to a place on the course, and your Local Authority may be charged.