Web development for RCOs - Refugee Council
April 16, 2010

Web development for RCOs

With the help of Basis Project Organisational Development Officers in various parts of the country I’ve been running some training sessions on website development for Refugee Community Organisations (RCOs).

It’s clear that lots of RCOs want to have a web presence, but many lack any funds or knowledge about how to achieve it.

My advice has been to look at the tools now available online, such as Weebly and Yola which are designed to enable non-experts to set up websites for free.

There are some potential pitfalls – the sites are hosted remotely, and there’s no knowing how long these services will continue or whether they will always be free – but they are now quite well-established and widely used. At the very least they offer a starting point for small community organisations and a chance to learn about building and maintaining a website.

As well as the technical side of things, there are also challenges of design and content. A website becomes an organisation’s shop-front to the world, so it’s important that it gives the right impression.

I’m hoping to run more of these free sessions for RCOs in the future so, if your RCO is interested in attending, contact your local Basis Project Organisational Development Officer and let them know.

Here are the sites of two organisations who I helped get set up on Weebly: