Mimoza Matoshi - Refugee Council
May 21, 2008

Mimoza Matoshi

There’s a new case study on the Basis Project website – an article by and interview with Mimoza Matoshi who set up Integration Support Services in Harlow, Essex.

I made many attempts during my first years in Harlow to integrate with the community and most of the time I failed as I did not have the right guidance, support and information. The lack of these, and many other issues, encouraged me to set up a group with the purpose of supporting refugees, asylum seekers and migrants from all over the world to integrate in the community.

I have since managed to establish Integration Support Services as a well known organisation across Essex with 12 volunteers, four part-time staff and over 30 partners locally and nationally. Of course, I have had tremendous support from volunteers, family and many individuals directly and indirectly involved with the project.