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Zoya’s story

Here at the Refugee Council, we are constantly overwhelmed by the resilience of the people who have chosen to leave their homes in search of a safety.

When 21-year-old Zoya, a young woman from Ethiopia, was referred to us, she was all alone and clearly troubled by her experiences. Zoya had refugee status but nobody to guide her through the obstacles of settling into life in the UK. She had no knowledge of housing options, welfare benefits or where to start a search for work.

At 21, Zoya was homeless.

Our priority was to find Zoya a temporary place to stay with a Refugees at Home landlord. In line with her wishes, we referred her to a female therapist to talk through the issues that drove her to leave her home.

With our support, she has found shared accommodation with people her own age. She has enrolled in English classes, opened a bank account and registered with a GP. Zoya is growing in confidence every day and is meeting regularly with Refugee Council staff for education and employment training.

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