Starbucks partnership - Refugee Council

Starbucks partnership

Starbucks and Refugee Council are working together to help refugees gain the skills they need to be a barista.

This programme is now in a very strong position whereby 70% of all the candidates that have gone through the programme have remained in the business – this is a huge achievement for a company who traditionally struggle to retain staff.

We did a lot of work across the organisation to get staff buy in, particularly with store managers who would be at the front line of the project. We met with the Refugee Council to find out what clients would need and then went about adapting our in-house training and in collaboration with Refugee Council staff we designed a supported employment programme.

We didn’t really know what to expect and there was initially some anxiety and apprehension, but we found that through educating and informing staff, their enthusiasm for the project grew.

The reputation of Starbucks, both internally and externally has improved and it is a company people are proud to work for.

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