Starbucks partnership - Refugee Council

Starbucks partnership

Starbucks and Refugee Council are working together to help refugees gain the skills they need to be a barista.

“It’s been just over two years since we began working towards our refugee hiring commitment of recruiting 10,000 refugees into permanent roles within the global business by 2022. Of this, we are aiming to support 2,500 refugees with jobs in our stores across Europe, Middle East and Africa.

In the UK, to help us understand how to bring the programme into our core HR recruitment process, we met the Refugee Council to find out what clients would need to be supported into the work place. From there we were able to adapt our current in-house training programme to focus on essential training skills such as English language and maths to ensure candidates were as job-ready as possible.

The past two years have been a real learning of how to adapt the programme to benefit refugee applicants and make the process as straight forward as possible. The programme that we’ve built with Refugee Council has highlighted the importance of developing a programme where the candidates are supported in advance of the interview process and arrive in our business ready to join in.

Around 60% of all the candidates that have gone through the programme have remained in the business, and partners (employees) who have joined us thanks to the Refugee Council are starting to develop and progress their careers within the business.”

Russell Butcher, Senior Manager – Education & Skills at Starbucks

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