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Sam’s story

When he just was 12, the war in Syria turned Sam's life upside down and made continuing his education impossible. But now, with a job at Starbucks, he is getting back on his feet.

It was a perfect life for me before the war. Then the bombing started. My school was bombed. Some of my friends died. That was the last time I had any schooling. I was 12 years old.

When I started the Starbucks course I was scared a bit because I have not studied anything since I was 12. But the trainers made it simple, asked simple questions so I could make a simple answer.

And I got the job.

My first days were hard but I have been there five months and now I help train new staff and I am studying coffee art. I can create a flower and a heart. I am training to do a swan. I love doing it.

I have so much making up to do for all the time I have wasted. I want to live. I lost years of my life. I am making it up now.

Watch the short film to discover more of Sam’s incredible journey.

"I want to live. I lost years of my life. I am making it up now." Sam

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