When Nawar was first referred to us, she was suffering from complex PTSD. A victim of domestic and sexual abuse and the horrors of FGM at a young age, Nawar was finally forced to flee her home when she became victim of honour-based violence. Family members persecuted her for having her daughter out of wedlock.

On reaching the UK, Nawar was distraught to hear that other women in her family were being attacked for her actions.

Refugee Council were able to support Nawar in a holistic way. We worked with the local authority to settle Nawar and her daughter in safe accommodation and access welfare until she is able to work.

Panic alarms and regular visits by the police helped Nawar to gradually settle and a series of therapy sessions is helping her come to terms with her past. Nawar is now making friends and building her network of support at our regular mother and toddler social group.

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