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Munir’s story

After feeling oppression in Sudan, Munir finally gained refugee status - only to end up destitute when he lost his accommodation.

Munir’s search for safe and welcoming place to call home has been relentless. Targeted for his belief in a fairer society in Sudan, Munir was forced to flee for his life. He found a new, albeit brief home in Egypt where he studied English.

But Munir’s life was still in danger and again, he was forced to flee. Desperate to change his life and shape his future, he made his way to the UK, where he applied for asylum. For a while, he lived in the safety of government housing whilst he awaited to find out whether his claim would be successful.

The news Munir had been so desperate to hear finally arrived. But in gaining refugee status, he lost his accommodation. Like countless other newly recognised refugees, Munir became destitute.

With support from the Refugee Advice Project, Munir learned about housing options and his responsibilities as a tenant. We supported him to raise the deposit for a studio flat and are on hand with in-tenancy advice for as long as he needs us. At last, Munir is looking to the future with certainty and working with our employment team to find a job.

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