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Hisam’s story

Hisam waited three years to be recognised as a refugee - surviving on just £36 a week. When he became homeless after his status was granted, we were there for him.

Hisam was sleeping rough in London when he was told about the work of the Refugee Council. A former soldier in the Kurdish Army in Iran, Hisam was thrilled when he was granted political asylum in the UK. All he wanted was to find work to support himself and settle in a safe new home.

Yet it took three years for Hisam to be recognised as a refugee. With no permission to work, he survived on just £36 a week and lived in Home Office accommodation. When he was finally granted refugee status, Hisam was evicted and his allowance stopped. Unsurprisingly, he became homeless.

With our help, Hisam found shelter at emergency hostels. Through our Private Rented Scheme, he learned the conditions of tenancy in the UK and has signed a contract with a landlord who waived the upfront payments. Hisam is relieved to finally find somewhere he can call home and start his search for work.

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