Ferroudja’s home from home at Just Bread - Refugee Council

Ferroudja’s home from home at Just Bread

Just Bread helped Ferroudja to find a job as a baker - and some new friends

Ferroudja was a successful language teacher in Algeria when she made the painful decision to seek asylum in the UK. Ferroudja  felt broken by her experiences of trying to resettle in a new country and build a new life where nothing was familiar. Her confidence was shattered but support was to be found in the most unusual of places.

Through the Just Bread project, the Refugee Council works with E5 Bakery in East London to offer baking courses to refugee women. Over 12 sessions, Ferroudja  learned how to run a bakery – from learning about hygiene, baking breads and cakes to serving customers.

Now employed by the Bakehouse, Ferroudja’s  self-esteem has improved enormously. She not only considers her colleague as friends, but the Bakehouse as ‘home’.

Despite the simplicity of the scheme, Just Bread changed Ferroudja’s  life.

“It’s a big step for me. I feel like a human being now. I get paid good money and I’m respected and I’ve got a pension scheme.” Ferroudja

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