Connecting RCOs for solidarity and campaigning

RCOs are small, grass-roots, user-led organisations, so often have difficulties collaborating with other equalities organisations to affect change due to their resources, locations and policies.

Mapping RCOs and connecting them with other voluntary and community organisations in London will help them to know each other, build relationships, share information, experience, best practice and resources. Most importantly, the project will enable RCOs to build the networks and partnerships they need to build solidarity and creating systems change for the benefit of their communities.

The Project aims to enable RCOs to:

  • Reach out to each other; build relationships, share information, experience, best practice and resources and to learn from each other.
  • Increase their capacity to work together to overcome barriers hence improving their access to information, support, and access to tools, models, and resources.
  • Increase their capacity to find innovative and effective ways to build solidarity, develop joint solutions and supporting each other’s campaigns to achieve systems change.
  • Increase their capacity to make best use of scarce resources, to share their good work and success more widely.

Specifically, the project will:

  • Create an Online Community (in the form of a social network map) of user-led community organisations in London including RCOs.
  • Help the networked organisations to use the social network map as a participatory tool for building solidarity to bring about systems change.

RCOs on the social network map will be able:

  • To profile their organisation by sharing information on their services, collaborations and partnerships, relationships and networks including with policy and decision makers.
  • To profile their community by providing information and insights in order to develop a better understanding of community issues by those who have the power to fix them.
  • To provide information on community resources available within their organisation or their community to make them accessible and, if possible, shared.
  • Based on identified commonalities and possible synergies, to collaborate on systems change by finding leverage points to deal with issues and achieve maximum impact.
  • To access to tools, models, and resources that they can use and adapt to plan and make a difference in their communities.

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Sign up to the RCO Social Network map

Our RCO Social Network Map is a powerful tool for solidarity, campaigning, and partnership working. It provides information on services run by RCOs in…