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Volunteer English at Home Tutor, Selby

The Refugee Council is the largest charity working with asylum seekers and refugees in the UK and provides services to refugees in different cities. Volunteers are a key part of many of the services that support our clients and work alongside paid staff across the organisation.

The volunteer role

The English at Home project is aimed at five refugee families currently residing Selby.

All the adults are currently receiving ESOL training through the NYCC programme, and some have also individual support at home. The aim is to continue with this and establish it on a properly structured and organised footing so that progress can be charted.

Hopefully this individual support will enable the refugees to undertake the various exams according to the level they are at, more quickly than they would otherwise achieve.

The aim is that each individual refugee will have one hour of dedicated, one to one learning with an appointed home tutor every week. The tutors in turn will be trained and supported, both on an individual basis, and also in group sessions by the lead tutor.

The lead tutor will provide initial training and guidance, introduction sessions, and resources for each session.

Please note that this opportunity is only open to volunteers who live in or near Selby, North Yorkshire as you will be required to attend training locally.

To find out more about the role, please see task description here: 2019 Volunteer Task Description

To apply, please complete the application form (2019 Application Form) and email a copy to Fiona Protheroe (Fiona.protheroe@refugeecouncil.org.uk)