Will you join us at the Refugees Welcome Rally?

Wednesday 20th October 4.30pm to 6.30pm (Parliament Square, London)

I'm in

Do you want to do more to show refugees they are welcome here?

On 20th October we will be standing with thousands of like-minded people raising our voices with one clear message – refugees are welcome here.

The Government’s Anti-Refugee Bill is progressing through Parliament, and is currently in Committee stage. The Bill will make it harder for people to seek protection in the UK, effectively creating a discriminatory two-tier system and drastically reducing existing safe and regular routes.

At a time when so many women, children and men are fleeing war, persecution and conflict – scenes of which are again all too familiar to us from recent events in Afghanistan – it is vital that we show the Government that we oppose this Bill.

By standing together outside Parliament the Government cannot fail to hear our opposition to the Bill and our calls for a fairer and more welcoming society. 

Join us on 20th October 4.30pm to 6.30pm outside Parliament where you will hear directly from refugees and you can add your voice to the movement to welcome them.

Together, let’s make the UK a more welcoming place for refugees.

The rally is being organised by people with experience of the asylum system with support from Solidarity With Refugees, Women for Refugee Women and IMIX.

Can’t make the Refugees Welcome rally in London? Here are three things you can do instead to show your support and solidarity for refugees next week.

1) Online

  • Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Like and share our content and help spread the message that refugees are welcome here. We will be sharing videos and photos from the rally.
  • Print off or design your own rally sign and post on your social media to join us from wherever you are! Tag us using @refugeecouncil and #RefugeesWelcome. If you post on Instagram Stories you can find our rally stickers by searching ‘refugeecouncil’.
Print off or design your own rally sign.

2) Show support at home

  • If you can’t make it to an event, you can show your support by putting a poster in your window. You can download them here and here. You can send us a photo too if you like.

3) Attend an event near you

  • If you’d like to attend an event but can’t make it to London there are lots of other events going on around the UK from next week. You can find them listed here and more are being added all the time.