Our strategy - Refugee Council

Our strategy

The Refugee Council has been changing refugees’ lives for the better since 1951, the year the UN Refugee Convention was first signed.

From the Hungarians who fled their country in the 1950s, to the Syrians arriving in the UK today, the Refugee Council has been welcoming refugees to the UK for over six decades, transforming the lives of over a million individuals, holding successive governments to account and speaking out strongly for refugee rights.

Today, when more people are displaced by violence and conflict than at any time since 1945, when public and political opinion on refugees is increasingly polarised and when the UK asylum system routinely fails many who seek our protection, the need for the Refugee Council is greater than ever.

In the face of these challenges, our duty is clear: to expand our transformative services and make them available to many more people seeking protection; to mobilise greater public and civil society support for refugees; to promote refugee voices and boost the profile of refugee-led organisations across the country; and to ensure that the UK does not shirk its refugee protection obligations.

We will discharge that duty by changing for the better the way that all refugees are treated in the UK. This means sharpening our cutting edge as campaigners – galvanising public support, challenging government policy, promoting refugee voices – and helping many more people – young and old, women and men, people seeking protection and those with refugee status – overcome the daily obstacles and struggles they face as they grapple with the deeply flawed asylum system in the UK.

Our goals

  • To change for the better the way refugees are welcomed and treated in the UK
  • To increase the number of refugees who access our specialist, transformative services
  • To galvanise public support for refugees and be instrumental in creating a powerful, popular, movement for change
  • To be a credible and trusted authority on the needs and aspirations of refugees in the UK
  • To be an independent, accountable, value-led and sustainable organisation